Friday, August 17, 2007

Soldier Creek Part 2

If Dana was anywhere in sight, that was where Emma wanted to be. If Dana wasn't there then Allen and Carrie's dog was the next best thing.

But when she got both Dana and the dog- then life was really good!

Poor Ross is really trying to start the day with a good attitude after a very rough night in the tent with Emma. The fake smile is almost convincing- but not quite.
Emma made a game of getting in the tent with her shoes on- a big 'no no'. She really enjoyed being chased out.

But she always got them off so she could come in again.
After much pleading, we got Uncle Allen to sing his famous Fred the Moose song for us.

This is my cousin Aaron enjoying a roasted star burst. I know it sounds weird- but it is really quite good.
My Grandpa Wallace finally agreed to tell his famous "Millicrab" story. (Millicrabs are the creatures that are made when marshmallows are dropped in the fire- that is why they get so big!)

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