Friday, January 20, 2012

Trimming the Tree

The night we decided to trim the tree turned out to be a lot of fun as we ended up watching some children from our ward so their parents could go out on a fun date for my friend's birthday.  They were so cute and fun to have with us for the night, even if they were confused about why in the world we were decorating our tree so close after Halloween.
 I personally like the look of Christmas stuff  littered among all my fall decor.

 They all took turns sharing and were so fun to watch.  I love seeing children get excited about things like that.

I know it is weird to post these so late, but I just found them tucked in the wrong folder and realized I had never posted them.  It also makes it easier for me to put them in the photo book if it is here on the blog.  Plus- they are cute, even if they are a bit blurry (phone shots), and they are memories I wanted to remember. :)

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Southern Spud said...

I think the only hope for my kids to have photo albums is for me to get the blog printed . . . which is kind of why I wish I were a little more on top of posting holidays and birthday rather than just random posts here and there, but, oh well! :)

Nice job getting your tree up so early! ;) I think ours went up hardly a few days beforehand. (S's b-day is mid-Dec, so I have to take things one celebration at a time!)