Monday, January 16, 2012

The Pillow Bed

The day finally came when Jack out-grew his Pack 'n Play.  He was climbing in and out of it like a pro and scaring me every time.  This meant it was time for him to upgrade to a big-boy bed.  Our plan was to give him Sara's twin mattress on the floor (so he couldn't fall out and hurt himself), and we were going to get Sara a new one.  Some things came up, and we didn't have Sara's replacement on the night we were expecting.  Ross had the brilliant idea to bring up all the couch cushions and fashion her a temporary sleeping space in between the beds.  (Sharing with Emma was not possible- that girl is a crazy sleeper and a blanket hog- JUST like her Daddy!)  Apparently, Emma liked the idea and joined her at some point during the night.

 I love these girls, and I am glad they are so happy sharing a room like this.  They are such good little buddies.

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Southern Spud said...

That's cute. :)

We tried, on a whim, to put Lil'S & H together a couple weeks ago so that the nursery would be available for cleaning, organizing, and infant naps/care. (Although he'd probably still spend nights with/near me.) The honeymoon went beautifully; the kids LOVED it. Then, Lil'S got croup. H was a total trooper and stayed in bed despite the continual cries and interruptions. But then she started waking a night too after he was doing better, and it was all downhill from there. I was so thrilled when S put Lil'S's crib back in the nursery!!!! Baby can sleep anywhere--but the older kids are staying in their own rooms!!!