Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Conference Weekend

These are just a few shots from our Conference Weekend. It included lots of family time and yummy food, and very little exercise... Oh well.

The whole gang at Grandma's house. Allen, Carrie, Mom, Dana, Caulene, Kassidy asleep on the floor, and Ross in the background.
Hi Kass. :)
Emma LOVES this set of animal toys at Great Grandma Wallace's house. She is very particular about how everything goes. I love watching her play like that with toys I enjoyed at her same age.

Seriously, those are all vintage toys that have at least 3 generations of slobber on them. I love these little treasures from my past, and I love sharing them with my babies.

I love him too. Kind of a lot.
Ross went to the Conference Center for the Priesthood session on Saturday with my cousins, uncles, and Grandpa.
Tanner, Aaron, Ross, Grandpa Wallace
Allen must be behind the camera, and I'm not sure where Uncle John is. Ross really enjoyed the session, and gave me a list of talks to listen to ASAP when they became available on LDS.org.

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