Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Epic Egg Pictures STOLEN From Facebook!

My family posted a bunch more egg pictures on facebook, so I stole some. Thanks Carrie, Heather, and Dad!

The glue gun station. More than one blister was caused here. Sauron's Eye! This got the Literary Award.

Art in progress. I love this tradition and all the people who come play!
Yoda. He took first place. He's so cute!

I love this little Toy Story alien.

My Dad posted these. I love the posing of Yoda. Too funny.


Austin said...

Wow! They're all really cool, though I like the Eye of Sauron best.

Dawn said...

Uh, will, actually those are my pictures not dads. He stole them from me. Now that I have found a way to download my pictures, I've been taking a lot of them. However, the fridge ones are totally his. And yes, share and share alike - I've also stolen them from him.

mostlyprobably said...

Your family is awesome.