Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jack's Cousin Party

I never get great pictures when Ross's family is around and I feel bad about that. :(  I just get caught up with visiting and all the kids and I don't have one of my sisters to take over camera duty.  Next time I will do better!  I am determined! Anyway, here is what I have.

 The day before Jack's birthday we had a little party for him with his cousins.  We had the big water slide set up in the back yard, but nobody from the family wanted to use it.  It was taken over by the neighbor kids.  I found that kind of funny.

So, a little while back we had this problem with Jack getting into our food storage.  The one thing he really liked to crack open was my cans of coconut caramel frosting.  In his honor, we used one of the 4 cans sitting in the fridge to make some German chocolate cupcakes since he obviously loves that frosting.  Stinker. :)

We got him this fun Elmo tool bench from some friends down the street who just moved.  He loves it.
 Uncle Rex got him a soccer ball.  He loves it.

 Jim and Melissa gave him a giant thing of bubbles.  He loves them.  Are you seeing a trend here?  We had a very happy boy!
 OK, the reason we have couches taking over our living room in these pictures is that we got a new set for our basement at a Memorial Day Sale, but we still hadn't moved the old one sitting in our basement since I was not much help since Ross didn't want my incision to open up or some nonsense like that.  We took advantage of all the manpower who came to the party and had Ross's brothers help move the old couch out and the new couch in.  Thanks guys! :)

 The kids played with that thing for an hour after everyone left.  Best online yard sale find ever!

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Anonymous said...

I really, really want his Elmo toolbench. Let's add "toys" to the list of things that were way cooler now than when we were little kids. Along with candy and clothes.

But not TV. TV has been on the decline for at least two decades.