Thursday, May 31, 2012

Emma's First Report (I'm Playing Catch Up Now...)

 For school, Emma had to write and illustrate a report, and create a model for an animal of her choice.  She chose to do her report on cats since she wants to be a cat doctor.  She and I did some research, and she had a wonderful report written out.  She practiced all her picture drawings before putting them in her report.  The day before her report was due she asked me if she could color a picture.  I told her she should probably color the pictures in her report first.  She said OK and skipped away happily.  The next morning, however, I realized that she was so eager to draw her rendition of our family as mermaids that instead of coloring her report all nicely, she had scribbled all over it.  I was not happy with this since she had worked so hard on it, and I didn't want her thinking it was OK to turn in anything less than her best on important projects. 

I made her redo the report.  The whole thing.  2 hours before it was due. 

She was NOT happy with me, BUT, she did it, and I was proud of her.  She used her best handwriting and coloring and ended up with a better report than the one she had impatiently and unknowingly sabotaged the night before.
 That night they had a special open house for all the parents to come and see all the reports.  Emma had to do an assignment of reading at least two other reports an answering some questions about them.

 Then she read her report for Daddy since he hadn't seen or heard it yet.  Do you like her cat painting?  I think it's pretty dang cute, and she did it herself.  We won't even fault her for getting brown paint all over my counter... :)

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Carrie said...

Great cat painting!