Thursday, May 17, 2012

He is here!

Luke Thomas Goodman graced the world with his presence this morning at 8:59 am weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 4 oz and a lengthy 20"  with strawberry blonde hair and the super handsomeness that only Goodman boy babies exude. Though there were some slight unplanned events, mom, baby and family are all doing fine. yes this post may cause some squeamish souls to wish to not continue reading, but the fact of the matter is this is a blog to celebrate life's miracles and journal our family's experiences. This baby is truly a miracle baby. As many of you know, this pregnancy has been one of the most difficult ones for Amanda. Some unexpected hemorrhages requiring ER visits, and some mandated bed rest. Having the doctors, during the C=Section say "oh wow I haven't seen one of those is a while," and then abruptly ask us how many more babies we're planning on having, it's pretty hard to make a split second decision if we want to have more at this point or not. In fact our doctor just before going in for the surgery asks me if Amanda wants her tubes tied. well, it turns out that Amanda's uterine scar from prior C-sections had opened up and a small window in the uterus formed. if it had opened up a tiny bit more, it could have ruptured, Luke would have died within 5 minutes or had Amanda's water broke and the window would have ruptured near one of the main blood vessels that is right there she could have died in 15 minutes. this was all explained to us afterwards, by our very up front OB. We like him for that reason. It causes us to consider our future family plans. At this point we can only trust that the Lord has a plan for us and Luke being a part of our family is a major part of that plan. As far as any other children in the future, we are leaving it in His hands.  Aside from all that awesome stuff, we love Luke, when he came out and I could see he had red hair, Amanda got the biggest grin on her face. I know it was mostly because we have a beautiful healthy baby, but she has had a desire to have a red headed child since forever. We love him and are so grateful he is a part of our lives. Emma, Sara and Jack are all excited to see him, Emma couldn't wait to see her new brother, that she was hovering over him the entire time, Sara started coloring a picture of our family now to include Luke, since he has red and blonde hair, she colored one side of his head with red hair and one side with yellow. Jack thinks its awesome that he is now a big brother, he even tried to give him a sip from his new sippy cup that has a soccer ball straw. I guess that is the best he can do to show his love for now. We can tell they are going to be the best of pals. We are so excited to start this new part of our life with another of God's angels as part of our family, we feel truly blessed to have him and will always cherish the blessings we receive from our Heavenly Father in the form of his children.
side note: obviously this is written by Ross.

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