Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Last Get Away Before Little Buddy's Arrival!

Last weekend was lovely.  I have no pictures of it.  I am lame.

Ross finally had a Friday off.  His schedule is supposed to allow for a 3 day weekend every other week.  He works extra long days to facilitate this.  Unfortunately, he has been using those Fridays, and a few Saturdays as well to fulfill the mandated over-time hours to take care of the back-log of claims for his office.  ANYWAY, it was wonderful to finally get a long weekend with him, so we took advantage of it.  We pulled Emma out of school, because we are terrible parents, and we spent the morning having a lovely time. 

The girls helped make blueberry muffins, and then we drove down to Salt Lake to enjoy some of the local attractions, and to play in the awesome pool at the hotel Ross and I stayed in later that night.

 Awhile back, we were given a hotel voucher from some friends.  It was awesome.  We want to go back for our anniversary.  Anyway (I keep getting side tracked...), we enjoyed our time at the pool, and when everyone was all pruney and water-logged, we got changed and headed out for a lunch of the kids' choice. 

They wanted Arby's.  Perfect!  Cheap and fast!

After they were all stuffed, we headed down to Orem to play at my parents' house until Aunt Dana got home from school.  We then drove Dana and our kidlets out to our house where they enjoyed a sleepover of epic fun! 

While the kids were under the watchful eyes of Dana, Ross and I headed back to Salt Lake where we had all manner of fun with a lovely dinner at the Gateway, a walk around some of the Down Town attractions, and a night of relaxation in the GIANT jacuzzi tub in our room.  Seriously, this room was amazing!  Best hotel experience of my life!  It was so nice to be alone with Ross and relax in a mini-pool.  My back felt sooooo much better than it has in weeks when we left the next morning.

The next day we came home to greet our children, who could not have cared less...  They had too much fun, I guess. :)  We took Dana back home, and then had a picnic at a park with the kids and let them run the puppy around until she couldn't take any more.  That was a lot of running!

Later, we came home, did some yard work, and had a family movie night. 

Aside from the hotel, none of this was super exciting, but it was all wonderful and almost stress-free which is something both Ross and I were in need of.  It is the last time we will get to do something like that before this baby comes, and we could not be more grateful to all the people who helped make it possible.


Ellen Raquel said...

I have to admit that I feel a little envious right now...haha I soooo want a weekend away like this...But it's okay, we'll get there :) You are AWESOME, babe! Seriously, I miss you like crazy!Stupid distance...hmph!
You rock my world!

Southern Spud said...

Ha, I'm totally jealous too!

I'm glad you took Emma out of school for Daddy time. It's important!