Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pictures I Stole From Facebook

 Grandma and Grandpa sure know how to tire a kid (and a puppy) out!

Luke with his proud big sister and Aunt Caulene.
 There was some worry about Luke's lungs for a bit, so he had to undergo some tests.  Emma went to check on him.
 Little Buddy in the flesh.  I like him.
 Grandma with her new spoilage recipient.  And me in the background looking exhausted...
 I love how this shows off his spiky hair.  It refuses to cooperate.  I love it.
 Grandpa Jones.
 Grandma helping Emma hold her new slave sibling.
 Grandma Jones
 Ross needs a haircut-- I have been slacking!

 Pretty Aunt Caulene.  I need to get pictures with my other sisters.  Again with the slacking.
 However, amidst all that slacking I helped make this. :)
 My IV infiltrated my hand sometime in the night and caused this lovely scene.  I feel like the Jet Puff man.  Kind of gross, but kind of cool...

 I just can't get enough of those pouty lips while he sleeps.

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Ashley W. said...

He is simply adorable! I am so glad all is well. I was born with strawberry blonde hair...