Sunday, March 07, 2010

Emma's Pirate Birthday- The Awesome Aunts

I don't want to brag, cause that's not my style, but I have to say that my sisters pretty much rock! They are WONDERFUL! They are smart and sassy and so incredibly devoted. They LOVE their little nieces to death, and spoil them accordingly. They are amazing, and I am so grateful for the place they have in my children's lives. I love them so much and am so grateful for how patient and loving they are with Emma and Sara. The girls ADORE all of them and both do little happy dances whenever they hear they get to be with them. This post is all about them! Well, all about them at Emma's birthday party.

Aunt Heather with Sara. Aunt Caulene with Emma.

Aunt Caulene with a cupcake.
Aunt Heather with Sara and Jenna.
Aunt Dana and Heather. Hot! So hot! They are both single!! (but the one on the left is 14, so back off!)
I love both of their tongues of concentration.
Aunt Dana being yelled at for not getting more rootbeer! :)
Aunt Heather has her covered though. Or was that Dr. Pepper. . .

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