Sunday, March 07, 2010

Emma's Pirate Birthday- Presents!

Emma was spoiled. She is loved.

Grandma Jones gave her Up! She hugged it after this. We have watched this about 20 gazillion times since then (and I have cried every darn time!) We got Emma those pants. In fact, all we got her was clothes. When she saw these she said we had made a mistake because those were for Baby Jack. She didn't like them.
Heather, Caulene, and Dana added to the awesome dress-up box they got for Sara's birthday.
Grandma Jones, ever the teacher, got Emma some fun books. This one taught how to write the letters and had a magna doodle to practice them on attached to it. She loves it, and so do we during church!
I love her face here- what is next!
Jenna (my cousin) got Emma this fun little money box that she and her sisters had made. My aunt and uncle have an art studio in their home where they teach art lessons, so they have fun things like this a lot.
More books from Grandma.
Brooke, Sam, Jake, and Max (Emma's cousins) got a whole bag of fun things like glow sticks, glitter wands, bubbles, and crayons.
I love Dana's face here. She really wants that jumprope!

She also has $15 in cash from Great Grandma and Grandpa Wallace, and Grandma and Grandpa Goodman. We will take her on a shopping spree in a couple of days when Ross has some time to go with us! She said she wants a puppy. . . we'll have to see what happens there. . .

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