Sunday, March 07, 2010

Emma's Pirate Birthday- The Food

Emma helped me make these cupcakes. She cracked some fo the eggs, dumped in the water and oil, and put the candy on. She picked out all the candy herself. They are supposed to look like pirate treasures. I think she did a great job! We got two ginormous pizzas with Pepperoni, Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, and Chicken Artichoke. It was loverly!
They brought Emma some ice cream for her birhtday. She didn't like the sauce they put on it, so Carrie had to help ehr scrape it off. She is nice like that. Thanks, Carrie!
Oh- Uncle Joe was there too. He is in the back, and from what I hear is single at the moment. Or was a week ago. Who knows now :)
Sara may have had a little too much rootrum.
Emma got all of her candle blown out in the first try and later told me that her wish was for a yummy cupcake. Nice! It totally came true! Aim for the stars, Baby!
Looks like Sara isn't the only one who can't hold her rootbrewski. . .

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