Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jack's Birthday Party

There are a lot of pictures here. There could have been more. I don't feel like writing the traditional peppy blog introduction bit, so take a look at the pictures and the brief synopses and pretend that I put something readworthy here.

Emma would not wear her new swimsuit, and insisted on this tiny one from last year because, and I quote, "It is a pink kind of day." Also she had some chicken. And a plate in the shape of a horse. We bought a water splashy bouncy house thing for the party. It was an awesome deal and will make us popular this summer. Best ever! Hot Ross and his chubby wife.

Dana and Sara.

He looks so suspicious here.

Grandpa and Jack off for an adventure.

Jack likes hats.

A plush Mater from my sisters? (There were a lot of helping hands shoving presents in my face and I'm not entirely sure who brought what.)

I am sad that Melissa didn't come with her pink hair.

Is it wrong to be dangerously attracted to this picture? If so, I never want to be right again!

Oh, here are all the other present pictures. I got a little claustrophobic. No touchy the face, kiddies!

Dumbo from Jim and the gang? It is so soft!

We got him a banana. Yes, we are cheap, but I am pretty sure it was his favorite gift!

Fruit snacks from Carrie.

Costo Cake!

Dana and Heather. They made a wonderful camera team. Love you girls!

Tonka truck from Grandpa JONES. This was Ross's favorite.

It is just the right size. Now if he would only stay this size forever....

Grandpa gets a little nervous.

He liked the cake- or the frosting at least.

I can't believe he is a year old. I am fairly certain we got home from the hospital last week. This boy is so much fun and brings a brand of light and joy that is all his own. I love you Jack-Boy!

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mostlyprobably said...

I refuse to believe he is one. What happened?