Monday, January 14, 2013

Emma's Classroom Halloween Party

Somehow I ended up as Emma's room mom. I didn't really want to since I have three kids to take with me to everything (and no way am I trusting them with the PTA kids care dealio) but nobody else really could, so I offered to help. I feel kind of bad for the kids since I am not the most crafty of people and like to keep things simple, but hopefully they are young enough to not know how dis-serviced they are being and still have fun. Here is their simple little Halloween bash.

They made monsters out of shapes.
They played a monster version of Don't Eat Pete!

We made a dancing skeleton craft.
They also played Halloween Bingo.
After this I played them the audio to Big Pumpkin, which is a fun little Halloween book that was put to music. When the story was over they got cookies and juice and giggled until the bell rang.

This is the class mascot. The kids love him. Also, he had a blow out 2 seconds after I walked in the room, and his extra set of clothes were not in the bag, so he just hung out like this. I am an awesome mom. Oh well- he was happy, and the kids loved him, and if the other moms want to judge, they are welcome to take over the Room Mom post! :)

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mostlyprobably said...

I have nightmares about having to be a Room Mom. I would definitely not do anything nearly as creative as what you did. That seemed pretty creative to me.