Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spencer and Brooke's Reception

So, the wedding was on Thursday. On Friday we drove up to Vernal to hang out in a hotel and play in the pool and have dinner with Allen and Carrie. The plan was to help them with flowers for the reception the next night, but they came about a day and a half late and were all frozen and gross, so that didn't work out. Instead we just chatted and ate and Jessica did my nails.
On Saturday, we woke up and got ready to leave only to find that we had a flat tire on our van. It was -13 degrees outside, so Ross was super excited to work on it. Turns out it was more than just a flat, so we needed to get roadside assistance to come and tow it to a tire place where we bought a new one. That took about 3 hours. Fortunately my kids are pretty great and the hotel receptionist was nice, so we just hung out in the lobby until Ross got the car mess all figured out. We had plans of hitting up some fun stuff in town, but I guess coloring on copy paper in the lobby and having hot chocolate is a good way to spend vacation? I did get my Sunday School lesson planned, though, so that is a plus.
The car got fixed in time for us to head over to Allen and Carrie's house to have some dinner, and then crash my sisters' hotel to get changed. My parents were supposed to stay in the room, but my mom came down with a stomach bug that day and they had to cancel. That was disappointing.
Here are a gazillion pictures of the reception festivities. Again, they are from all over. I hope nobody minds. It was such a fun night!
Dana and Tanner. My cousins rock, by the way!
 The girls watching the first dance.
 Jessica and Dana using my babies to attract boys. It actually worked pretty well.

 Luke likes my necklace.

 I seriously love this man. So much.

 Luke was thoroughly entertained most of the night with a spoon and a plastic plate provided him by my cousin Jessica. I love how easy he is to please!

 Brooke gave them roses from the cake because she is wonderful and knows how to make little girls happy.
 Jack got grumpy when I made him stop stealing cookies from the table. 4 plates full was my limit.
 Oh, this is from the night before. Allen got out some blocks to play with the kids.

 Caulene somehow managed to dance with all of them at the same time. That takes talent!

 Emma went and asked Great Grandpa Wallace to dance which made him very happy.

 My cousin Nate and Emma. She thought it was so fun that he was the first boy to ever ask her to dance.
 My grandparents and my Uncle Allen. I love them all so much.

 These guys are amazing. In one week they had a wedding, reception, soccer tournament and missionary farewell, and they did it all with smiles and laughter. They are such incredible examples to me.
 I seriously love this picture! My pretty Aunt Carrie and a typical face from Spencer.

 Jay and Lara. It was so good to see them!

We drove home after this, and were a little sad to do so. I had to play my flute in sacrament meeting and give a Gospel Doctrine lesson the next day, or we would have stuck around to go to Aaron's farewell talk. We are sad we missed it, but we know he will be a fabulous missionary in Braszil.

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