Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started out with a drive up to Bountiful to have a birthday brunch for Melissa at Rex's house. Lucy had arranged everything, and it was fabulous. Excellent food and fun conversation. We were sad Gena and Troy couldn't come due to sickness. After this, we headed down to Orem where we did some last minute shopping at Target, and then headed over to my mom's house for the regular festivities.
The kids made gingerbread men. Sara wanted this to look like a Belle that had hair like hers. She did a wonderful job!

 This is out of order- but the Jammy Elf found us there that night. We were all very pleased. Jack especially loved his slippers!
 Jack didn't quite comprehend that Santa might want a cookie that hadn't been licked clean of all frosting...
 Miss Emma put gloves and boots on her self-made doppleganger.

 Heather had us open one of her gifts to us. She had created an entire story line and book about our kids. It is really a fun gift. I love it. She put so much work into it, and it means the world to me!
 Earlier that night we had Cornish game hens like we do every year.

 The awesome slippers. (Thanks, Gena! They were a HUGE hit!)

 Oh, before the Elf came, Emma read the Christmas story to us from the Bible.
 Why are boys always so dirty?!
 Oh my, a gadget boy already?

After the Jammy Elf came and the kids were bathed and dressed in the new duds, we headed home to put the munchkins to bed and await the coming of Santa. It was a wonderful day full of family and love- just the way I like it.

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