Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spencer and Brooke's Wedding

 My awesome cousin Spencer got married to a wonderful girl who is way too cute for his lucky bum. We are so happy for them, and were thrilled to be part of their special day in the temple. I stole pictures from all over. I hope nobody minds...

 Caulene and Heather met us there after the ceremony to go to dinner. The kids liked seeing them for a few minutes.

 We got there early enough to walk around City Creek and look at the fountains and play in the Disney Store.

 Jack loved this train in the Deseret Book.
 Dana watched the kids while we went to the sealing. I'm not sure what they did during the sealing, but it sure got Jack all tuckered out. We couldn't rouse him at all for the pictures.

 Best baby ever!
 It was so cold! They little fingers and noses got so red, but they never stopped smiling.
 This one didn't stay quite as cheerful.

 After pictures, we hung out in one of the Visitors Centers to feed the baby, let Jack nap on a couch, and thaw out before the dinner.

 The dinner was in one of the rooms in the Joseph Smith memorial building and this was the view. So pretty!
 These are back at City Creek-- sorry they are all out of order.

 Emma loved those red shoes!

 The dinner with aunts and uncles and sisters. It was fun even though we ended up being the VERY last table served, and I was STARVING!
 I am so happy for them! They are a very sweet couple.
 Another view from the room.
 My crazy sisters. Life is fun with them around!

It was a very busy, cold, exciting and fun day. We are grateful for the chance to be there, and for everyone who helped us manage our kids.

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