Monday, January 28, 2013

Sara's Santa Field Trip

The day before school let out for Christmas break was a pretty crazy one for us. We got Emma off to school in time for me to get Sara ready to head to her pre-school field trip to see Santa at the mall. It was fun to see her in her element with all her little friends. I also love that Jack fits right in with these trips. He isn't nervous at all and just goes with the flow. He will be so ready for next year. Anyway, after they sat with Santa and told him all their deepest wishes, we went and had lunch at the food court.

After that we headed straight over to Emma's school to run her class Christmas party. I was in charge again as the room mom, and it was fun, albeit a little simple. We did a pin the stuff on the snowman game, a craft where they made Christmas trees by gluing simple strips of paper to a card, a dice game with a gingerbread man, and a coloring page with an elf. After that we were supposed to have snacks and watch The Grinch, but the DVD player was broken, so we read a story instead. Nobody complained and Emma said it was the best day ever, so I'm gonna call that a win even if it wasn't the exact plan.

When we got home, we started packing everything up for the wedding the next way. That was a busy week for us, but so fun.

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