Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Day

 This was a big day. We actually left the house. Try not to be too alarmed. Here is what we all woke up to. We are loved.


 Every time Jack and Sara opened up a new item of clothing, they had to wear it immediately.
 Santa brought me a new CTR ring and Brachs peppermint nougats. We haven't been able to find those all winter, and we were thrilled. Santa frought Ross a new tool bag and some sweaters.

 The kids left Santa his favorite Lofthouse cookies and a note.

 Emma asked Santa for a Brave Barbie, but there was no need for that since her grandparents take such good care of her.
 Daddy got the girls jewelry boxes.
 This little guy got a xylophone. He was thrilled. He never leaves the one at Exercise Group alone, so we just knew he needed one of his own.
 Ross got me a nativity.

 The kids all got pillow pets.
 I love these kinds of gifts!

Heather made Jack a cape. He is wearing that with his shirt with a cape and two of his new hats. I seriously love this kid. 
 Applesauce breakfast! Yum!

 The rest of us had bacon, cinnamon toast, fruit and eggs for breakfast.
 So, Emma has a friend at school whose parents are leading her astray by creating a Utes fan out of her. She bullies Emma a bit (gosh, those Utes!) and tells Emma all the time that anyone who likes the cougars suck. Santa left Emma a little note telling her to tell Carolina that he loves BYU. He also proved this by giving Ross and me both lots of BYU gear.
 The kids' haul from Santa.

Mommy's stocking.

 Goodness, I wish these would all stay in order. Oh well. After breakfast and cleaning up, we went to Grandma's house for a lunch. I played with my new I-Touch from Ross. That boy spoils me, but I sure love the new toy!
 This is the boys helping Daddy arrange his new tool bag.

On my mom's birthday, all she asked for was a whisk for the kitchen since hers was broken, but nobody got her one. She complained about that. A lot. We made sure that wouldn't happen again. I love my family, by the way! 

I love Christmas, and I love my family and I was so full of gratitude and happiness this year. Things get busy, but I am glad that I am more able now to sit back in the midst of all that craziness and just take in the wonder of what I am so blessed to be a part of. I am a lucky, lucky woman.

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