Thursday, January 17, 2013

Festival of Trees

 We met Ross at the Festival of Trees after he got off work. We love this fun tradition. Here are some of our favorites
 This tree was made by nurses at the Primary Children's Hospital and they used apparatus from the hospital as the decorations. It was so creative and touching.

 This was mine and Ross's favorite tree. It was so simple, but so pretty. We will have a similar theme for the tree we do for the 2013 Festival.

 Sara's sunbeams teachers decorated this tree, and she was super excited about it.
 This was a super unique Asian tree. So pretty!
 BYU = YAY! UofU = BOO!

 Jack's favorite was the Elmo tree.
 The girls LOVED this Pinkalicious tree.

 They also liked this fun tutu tree.

 This baby loved everything because he is amazing.
 We took a break to watch some dancers.
 Ross loved the gingerbread houses.

 Ice Age gingerbread display. Very Cool.
We will be doing a tree with a bird theme this year and would welcome any donations of decorations. We have the tree and some basic decorations. We found a lot of cardinal and owl things, so that is the main theme- but any bird stuff would be fun. We have a book case as well and hope to add lots of bird books. We would also like things like dish sets, furniture pieces (I am happy to refinish old furniture), toys, bird baths, bird houses, frames, signs, books, statuettes, and anything else anyone would like to add.

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