Sunday, July 05, 2009

Primary Carnival

The primary in our ward did a carnival for all the kids last weekend. It was a lot of fun- which is saying a lot coming from me because I truly thought it was going to be a disaster!

They wouldn't let Ross and me try this game. We were both sorely dissappointed.
Sara and I were in charge of the bean bag toss. Also, please notice the fancy cushy Relief Society chairs that Ross scrounged up for me! I loves him!

This is Sara guarding the bean bags. She really liked the green one.
Ross had Emma do the cake walk about 4 times so that I could have a cupcake too.
This is Ross trying his hand at my station during a lull. We won't talk about his score. It will only hurt his feelings if I publicly mention that he was worse than the 6 years old girl with coke bottle glasses and an armfull of balloon animals. Emma won that little blue hand from the fishing booth and gave it to Sara. She would not let it go for anything! That cute girl with the balloon hat is my Maggie! Emma and I both adore her. She is sweet, smart, and well behaved. She is also really funny and is a bit of a gossip- which just makes her that much more loveable.
Emma later got a blue dog balloon which she made me turn into a hat like Maggie's. It was super cute, but my camera battery died. I fail! It was a really fun morning though, and I feel bad now for doubting the idea in the first place. I do have to say though, that I think most of the success came from the fact that not many kids came. We only had about 80 there, which made things much less chaotic than I was expecting.

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Anonymous said...

Um, 80 seems like a lot of kids, but that's just me. As usual my dear, your kids are beautiful and your husband is a dear. I love Emma's curly hair!