Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fireworks of Happiness and Joy- 2009

On Thursday night, my parents had theur annual fireworks extravaganza complete with crazy kids, cute cousins, awesome goodies, and witty presentations. A good time was had by all!

Emma got a lot more daring this year and played with snaps and sparklers- no doubt with the help of her pyromaniac aunt. (I love you, Heather!)
Chris liked to give people high fives with snaps. Good thing I generally abhor high fives!
Craig was jealous of all the cool camp chairs, so he went and got his own variation. . .
Ross and I thoroughly enjoyed Danielle's prize winning caramel apples.
Sara is pretty.
So is Emma.
This is where Heather got her pyro-related attributes! Dad lit some citronella oil to ward off the bugs. About 5 minutes after this, it caught those dries stems on fire and I went into protective mommy overload and doused it with the bucket of water to put out the used sparklers. It was a little over the top- but not by a lot. . .
Jay and Lara brought their kids over too, which was a lot of fun. I like them!

Emma was a little nervous about the fireworks at first, but she wanted comfort from Grandma instead of me! Grandma is way more fun, and has way more goodies!

Fireworks are romantic. This was my favorite part of the night. There were two wand things called Lady Liberty sticks, which Heather and Caulene used to duel. I am a dork- but I was definitely not the only dork there!
Expecto-Patronum! (Good form, Caulene!)
Corbyn and Annika found a good spot with a great view!
Sorry- she is really pretty. I love those eyes!
The best firework titles of this year included: 'Watefall of Jubilation and Worry', 'Fountain Dedicated to the Little Boy Who Climbed the Mountain to Get His Mommy a Flower', and the 'Death to Math Screamer'. My sisters are funny, a little crazy, and just weird enough to make cheap fireworks insanely entertaining! Thanks Girls! You rock!

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Anonymous said...

I love your family and not-so-secretly want to be in it. Can I adopt you? Sara is pretty, and you are pretty, and Emma is pretty, and I laughed out loud reading your post. It's not like I got any of the inside jokes but I like to pretend.