Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Guy!

I am a lucky woman! My husband is the sweetest and kindest man I know. This has been a tough week, and Ross has done a number of things that have just made my heart melt with love. He is amazing. I feel like bragging a little bit!

First off, I don't want to get too personal, but one of the main reasons this week has been so difficult is that I am going through a miscarriage. This was not devastating. Please do not worry. I have been through this before, and chances are it will happen again. However, that has not made it any less physically and emotionally demanding. I have struggled this week, and Ross has been incredibly supportive and kind hearted. He made dinner one night, put the girls to bed for me another night, and let me sleep while he dealt with a cranky and teething Sara even though he had to get up early for work. He has washed dishes, done loads of laundry, and vaccuumed cheerio messes. He never complained, and tried to do whatever he could to make things more comfortable for me. He is wonderful!

I have mentioned before that the primary in our ward is a force to be reckoned with! It is huge, and a good majority of the people in our ward hold callings in the primary. Unfortunately, not everybody called to these positions are thrilled with their assignments, and many are less than dependable about showing up or finding substitutes. To help with this problem, the Primary Presidency has some lamintaed pictures of life saver rings that they send around in Sunday School to beg for helpers. Today they needed help in another of the Sunbeams classes, and I wanted to kiss Ross right on the mouth when he came in with the Sunbeam lifesaver. He said he was worried that my partner had ditched me again and didn't want me to deal with the class alone.

When we came home from church, I was exhausted from all the potty runs and renditions of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes', so I changed my clothes and wasted time on facebook. During this time Ross did the dishes, warmed up some leftovers for lunch, and cleaned out my car.

Right now, while I am writing this up, he is scanning pictures into our computer for the FHE packets that I am supervising for Super Saturday next week. I have to finish these by tomorrow because we are going on a 2 week trip to Portland on Wednesday. I was worried about making copies of pictures that I have already colored, and was trying to trace them when he said he could work some geeky computer magic and make them all scan in black and white like I had never colored them.

I cannot even express how relieved I am by this. I had a lot of work ahead of me, and now all I have to do is buy some cardstock and make some copies. When I told him that I would be happy to scan them after he showed me how, he looked at me and said, "I don't mind. Let me help you."

I love this man, and I am so grateful for his eagerness to make my life easier in any way he can. he is so considerate and sweet. I know that this week has not been easy on him either. I love you, Ross. Thanks for being such an amazing husband and father!


Carrie Gross said...

I am very glad you have Ross also. You deserve someone who will help and take care of you. I'm glad he's doing such a good job! Way to go Ross! And I love your face Amanda!

Holly E. said...

Wow, What a great husband! I've never met him, but I can tell just from how you talk about him that he's such a wonderful, loving man, I'm so happy you have him and that he takes care of you! I'm sorry for your difficult week and what you have been going through. Even if you've been through it before, it's still undoubtedly (spelling?) very difficult, I can't even imagine!

Dawn said...

We kinda like him too. Glad someone so loving is taking care of our little girl. and our littler girls. Thanks Ross!

Heidi B C said...

What a great guy! I always feel bad when that lifesaver is passed around and I don't take it, but I can't because I HAVE to be in RS. I love Primary but it's so hard when other people don't, right?

Michelle and Dan said...

Thank you Amanda and i Love your Stick'n guts and Um.... Ross, you kinda ROCK! Also i'm pretty sure you can guess who the person is. :)

Penny said...

Nothing like a husband that knows when his wife really needs him. Good job Ross! Sorry to hear about everything else.

Carrie said...

Ross is awesome. Some of us are really lucky! ;)