Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 5

This day was Sunday, so we took things pretty easy. We slept in and enjoyed a nice breakfast in the hotel lobby. We discovered that the breakfast bar is much busier when we don't get there around 6:30 in the morning. We planned on going to the ward here in downtown for church, but found out too late that they met early in the morning. Instead, we went swimming, read some scriptures, did some laundry, and played with the girls.

At lunch time, Ross ate the last of the pizza from Friday. This was unexpected to me. I thought that as long as we got a good full breakfast in the late morning (which we did) then the leftover pizza, along with the cookies and crackers and other travel type goodies, would last us until Monday when I could go shopping again. I was wrong and did not plan accordingly.

This meant that we either had to go to the grocery store again, or head to a restaurant for Sunday dinner. We decided to walk along the riverwalk by our hotel and stop at a restaurant that looked appealing. We hit Stanford's- and AMAZING steak house. It was lovely, even if the girls were extremely squirrely.

After dinner, we continued our walk and headed out to the docks. Emma loved seeing all the geese and boats. On the way back to the hotel, I had an emergency stop at a cafe's facilities, which necessitated another Sabbath purchase (restrooms are only for paying customers). Ross was grateful that my emergent use of the WC just happened to be at the cafe with an ice cream parlor. Seriously- this was not planned, but I was thrilled to find a 3 scoop banana split waiting for me when I re-emerged. Ross said that if we were going to break the Sabbath, we may as well do a good job of it. :) (Carrie, don't tell Allen!)

On a side note, we have been having some amazing weather out here. I packed for two weeks of rain, but I have not seen a single drop. I am grateful, because, let's be honest, my hair and humidity do NOT make attractive companions. I do hope that we get a little bit of rain before we leave though, just so I can say I had the full Portland experience.

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