Saturday, July 25, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 6

Well, I got some complaints about the length of the Portland posts, so I will try to just give the highlights of each day from this very sunny week in Portland.

The big highlight of Monday was finding the Target!! It was a beautiful moment. When I saw those lovely nested red circles, I knew I could survive here if Ross was ever transferred to this V.A. branch.

What was even better was the moment that the camera guy at Target (who reminded me a lot of my friend, Nate Gross- seriously, I did a double take when I saw him) fixed my broken camera. It had not been keeping a charge since the day at the beach, and I was heart broken. We actually sought out the Target with the express purpose to find a new battery for the camera. Ross said that as he was talking to Alex (I was with Emma on a potty run), he pulled out the camera to show him what was wrong, and it just miraculously turned on! Woot!

This was the first picture taken by the revived battery. I seriously may have cried! See how happy I am!

So very happy!
We also got some super cute shoes for Emma while we were there, which may have been the highlight of her entire vacation. One is a pair of flip-flops, and the other is a pair of pink sparkly flats that I meant to be for church, but should have known would be the new every moment of every day pair of shoes. She only really ever takes them off to show people that there are princesses inside them. What a girl! I love it!

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Carrie said...

HELLOOOOO! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE CAMERA...GIVE UP YOUR SECRETS! I went to buy a new battery at Target and they didn't have one :( Went to the mall twice and forgot to go to Radio Shack...I'm lame.