Monday, July 20, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 3

I forgot a day. How sad! There are no pictures from this day. Again, it was a fairly quiet day, but it was really enjoyable. While Ross was at work, the girls played around in the room while I started a lesson plan on The Diary of Anne Frank. After I hit a good stopping point, I took the girls to the pool. They wanted to go swimming, and I wanted to work out a little bit, so I just put them in their little floaties and dragged them around the pool while I did some laps. They liked it! Also- I am finding that it is MUCH easier to work out when I can breathe! The air is so much richer here than the thin mountain air in Utah.

After that, the girls took a long nap while I did some more work and watched Oprah again (I sort of a little bit miss TV!). When Ross got home, we decided to try and hit the sand castle festival that Ross had heard about at work that day. We drove around trying to find it. We finally found it and drove past. We were going to get a parking meter when we saw that it didn't look as cool as Ross had heard. It looked kind of like a bunch of hippees drinking in big piles of sand. That kind of made sense when we considered that the person who told Ross to check it out was a hippee who likes to drink. . .

We decided to go to the store and get the much needed diapers. While there, we discussed what we really wanted to do with our Friday night. When we were finally honest with each other, (we both felt obligated to suggest big vacationy kinds of things) we decided that what we both really wanted was some ice cream, a pizza, and a good movie. Seriously- we were meant for each other.

It was a good night even if we were lame introverts.


Tracie said...

That's too bad the sand castle festival was lame. That would have been cool. I love sand castles.

Carrie said...

I totally agree about the work out. I about DIED on my walk today from the altitude and thirst, but maybe part of it is that I'm out of shape? I really sort of want to move...Roosevelt has terrible weather--freezing (below), HOT, or WINDYYYYYYY!