Saturday, July 25, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 10

This is another image heavy post! This is the fifth post for today, so be sure and check the previous page to catch up.

I had a migraine when Ross got home from work today, so he had the BRILLIANT idea to order Chinese food to our room and watch Horatio Hornblower on my computer until the sun went down. It is much easier for me to function with a migraine when there is less light. I might be part vampire. . . It was fantastic food, and there are lots of left-overs! Emma took a nap. She is all about her evening naps now.
When the sun went down, and Emma woke up, we headed back to the temple to see it all lit up and to let the girls walk around on the grounds. It was beautiful. I loved it. It was the perfect cure to my headache, and the peace there was palpable.

These pretty trees look just like the image I have of the Tree of Life every time I read those chapters.
Looking at Moroni.

These two-toned roses were beautiful and very fragrant.
Playing at the fountain.

I love him!

I would apologize for all the pictures, but I love them all! Tomorrow we are heading to another beach, and the camera is charging as I type- so expect another picture crazy post tomorrow!


GrandMa J said...

I love all of your pictures,glad you are having a good time.How soon are you heading home and back to reality? Love ya

Ashley Welling said...

I love Horatio Hornblower!!