Saturday, July 25, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 8

The highlight of this day was very much the place Ross chose for dinner. We went to Izzy's Pizza Buffet. Yes- all-you-can-eat pizza. My version of heaven on earth (aside from that whole temple thing. . .)

It was good pizza too! They even had an amazing Barbecue chicken, and a superb fetta artichoke pizza. This was all enough to merit my rave review, but that is not all. They also had a grill where they cooked up steaks, chicken, and salmon. Those weren't the best ever- but they were well above par for a place of this magnitude. Top it all off with a dessert bar, and my life was pretty complete. I loved it. Ross loved it! Sara loved it. Emma slept through it. . .
We tried so hard to wake her up, but she was out cold!

We stayed there for over an hour, and we finally roused her enough to get some rice, breadsticks, corn, and cookies down her throat before she fell asleep again.
After this we went back to the hotel room to watch So You Think You Can Dance, and then we went swimming. It was another very low key, but very fulfilling day for us. We are lame, and we recognize this, but I think this intense homebodyness is what makes us so right for each other.

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