Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The First Fire Pit Night of the Season

 My dad had to cut down a dead limb from a tree in his backyard, so he decided to dispose of the wood by holding a big bonfire, and making some log seating for around the new fire pit spot.  The picture above is of a renegade hotdog that jumped off a skewer and ended up catching fire like the logs.  We are simple minds who are entertained by simple things....

Dana liked the way this marshmallow melted.

 The neighbors across the street came over to join the fun.  We like them lots!
 My dad had some rabbit pelts for the kids to sit on to cushion the logs, but they preferred to hold them and stroke them.

 This chair is awesome.  It has been around forever, and everyone fights over it- especially the kids.  If I can find some more like it, I will buy 12!  (I have seen smaller versions, but this one is as big as an adult chair in the seat, with shorter legs making it ideal for fire roasting.)
 My dad's hands-free approach to weinie roasting.
 Emma refusing to give me a pretty smile.  Punk!
Good times!  I love nights like this, and can't wait for the weather to dry up so we can pull out our own fire pit.

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