Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A Child's Prayer

With two lovely girls saying a good deal of our family and meal prayers Ross and I have been privy to some wonderful, surprising, special, and comical moments over the past few years.  Tonight's family prayer by Emma has to be among one of my favorites though.  This is as close to verbatim as I can remember.  Classic! 

After the traditional beginning:

"Thank you for my body.  I like it a lot.  It does lots of things and I am grateful. 

Please bless Sara that she will be a good girl and not a brat and that she will play nicely with Jack and me.  Sometimes she cries and tries to use my toys and clothes, so help her to make better choices. 

Please bless Jack that he will sleep and not fight.  We like having a brother but sometimes he is just so crazy! 

Please bless Daddy that he will keep going to work so we can have a house and stuff, but if he can have a day off that would be nice. 

Please bless that Mommy will have her baby tomorrow so we can hold it, and make sure it is a cute baby.  Some babies cry a lot, but we want one that sleeps and smiles, and it has to be a boy because Jack needs a brother and I already have a sister and that is enough for now.  I love my brothers and sisters.

 Thank you for my Rapunzel sheets.  I have the prettiest bed ever and it makes me have good dreams.  Sara has nice sheets too, but thank you for letting me have the best ones. 

Thank you for my teacher. Thank you for Sara's teacher.  Please bless that Sara can learn all her ABCs so we can write letters to each other. 

I love my family and I love my body and thank you for everything."

commence traditional ending:

I love this little girl.  :)


mostlyprobably said...

So cute! I was thinking of posting my favorite excerpt in this comment but they are all so good. Was Sara mad that Emma has the "best ones"? I think your kids are cool. Yup.

Carrie Gross said...

So cute! I had to read it to Nate too. He had to be in on the cuteness that is your child. :)

Ellen Raquel said...

Owwwn, sooo cute!! The other day I read about this little girl's prayer, she said "Please bless me, my sister and my brother and if there's extra time, bless the other kids" hahaha Children are awesome. Can't wait to hear Melissa's prayers! I love you honey!!

Southern Spud said...

oh, how I love it!