Monday, March 26, 2012

Aquarium Field Trip

 Sara's Pre-school took a field trip to the aquarium.  It was awesome!  Seriously.  If the season weren't already half over, I would have bought season tickets for the family right then and there.  We will be getting some in October when the season renews.  Anyway, here are some pictures.  They are out of order, I don't know why.  Oh well.
 This is the penguin pool.  We stayed here for a while.  Jack was especially into these guys!
 This is the one kind of picture I got of Miss Mandy.  I fail.

 This is the closest I could get of a face shot of Jack.  His nose was constantly pressed up against the glass.  This was a fun day for him!

 There are otters.  Three of them.  I LOVE otters!  We got the best show from them.  We went back to them three times.  The first two times they were playing and swimming and just being adorably entertaining. 

 Emma really liked these jelly fish because they had the lights change colors to show the transparency, and at first she thought the jelly fish themselves could change colors. 
 Here are the bums of my girls and their besties.  Emma, Peyton, Sara, and Roklyn.
 This was the shark tank.  They also had a new giant sea turtle.  Very cool!  There were a bunch of little girls that would scream every time a shark would swim by, and Jack would just look at them like they were crazy.

The third time we came by the otter exhibit we got to see an additional side of their cuteness as they were all napping.  So sweet.  I love that we got to see them play and rest. 

It was a very fun field trip!  Good idea, Miss Mandy!  All of my kids still talk about it a month later.  We need to take Daddy back there some time soon.

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