Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Boy

 Life with The Boy is fun and exciting and frustrating.  He is such a wild, free spirited little body who needs lots of snuggles and chocolate milk to stay happy. 
 We love his crazy shenanigans, but he is soooo much more destructive than his older sisters every were.
 Even on days when I am so fed up with him and the mess that lurks behind his every step (and that kid moves a lot!) and wonder if I could ever handle TWO boys- he does something like this to make me want to snuggle his sleepy self and want 12 more of him as long as they come with his same chubby cheeks and deep brown eyes.

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Southern Spud said...


S's mom got a picture of him asleep on his lunch when he was about three. He remembers thinking how much his hamburger bun looked like a nice, soft pillow. ;)