Friday, March 09, 2012

Girl's Night In!

  The night started with manicures.  Emma was very specific about what she wanted: pink and purple alternating nails with red hearts on the pink and orange flowers on the purple.
 Then we did curlers in their hair.  When I was taking Sara's curlers out, a song from Beauty and the Beast came up on the Disney Pandora station and Sara said Belle was her favorite princess.  One of the other moms there heard that, so when I finished her hair and she asked if it looked pretty, Summer said, "Oh, Sara- you look just like Belle!"  It made her whole night!

This is Emma and Katie Brown, one of her favorite friends.
 Emma checking out her Rapunzel hair in the mirror.  She was very pleased.
 Emma and April- Katie's sister and mom.  We are so sad they are moving.  We sure love them!
 Missy, Katie, Emma, Sara, and Summer's hair and arm.

 Amara and Jennifer.

 Amara's pretty nails!
 Sara in the curlers.  Why are these all backwards?  Oh well.
 It was a fun little night out with my girls.  They liked having some one on one time with me.  We should do things like this more often.

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