Thursday, March 01, 2012


 Speaking of people I get together with once a month...  This is my Bunco Group!  Well, kind of.  We have 15 ladies in the group, and this is 11 of those ladies and one sub (who I hope will now be a permanent fixture in the group!)  We need 12 to play 3 full tables, and there are always some ladies who can't make it due to scheduling conflicts, health problems, or other things.
 This was my month to host, and I realized we don't have a group shot anywhere, and that makes me sad since these ladies are some of my very best friends right now, so I had Ross come down and take some pictures.  He used his phone which is why these are a bit fuzzy, but they still make me happy.
The host always provides dinner and chooses a theme for the gifts.  Everyone brings a $10 gift that fits the theme.  After dinner we play the game, and then the winner gets first pick of the gifts everyone brought, the second place winner gets second pick, and so on.  I have been last to choose a few times and have never been unhappy with my gift.  They are always great!  After everyone has chosen a gift, we sit around and chat and laugh and laugh and laugh.  It is great, and I love it!

The theme for this month was Sugar and Spice and Everything nice.  I loved how varied all the gifts were.  We had bath stuff, a basket of cooking spices and chocolate chips, a box of chocolates and a movie where Ryan Gosling takes his shirt off (that's the spice!), a date night kit, and lots of other fun and creative ideas. 

Back Row: Me, Autumn Bohman, Heidi Clark, Katie Stock, Tracy Schroeder, Emily Westphal, Jenny Gillette
Front Row: Gina Jackson, Sheri Jenkins, Debbie Perkins, Lynette Rawlins and Jan Preece