Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monthly Friend Dinner and Game Night

 Last August, we had a little get together with Corey and Danielle, two of my best friends from High School, and their families.  We had such a fun time that we decided to make the event a monthly thing.  I love it!  We trade off who provides dinner, dessert and drinks, and then we play some games, usually provided by McKay and Danielle who have excellent taste in that sort of thing and have introduced us to some of our new favorites.  This is the first month any of us got any pictures because Annette wanted to play with some of her new photography equipment.  I am glad we have some pictures to record this, because these monthly visits really are some of my very favorite nights.

This is little Cambrie, who played with a yellow cup for about half an hour straight.

 Jack was a little overwhelmed by the big flash.  I love this confused and hesitant expression.

 Danielle and Cambrie
 McKay and Danielle were in charge of desserts this time, and they brought sugar cookies for the kids to frost.  This was a huge hit!  Very much worth the mess! :)

 Look at that concentration.  She was into this!
 I don't know why Jack decided he needed that pirate hat, but I love it!
 McKay and Cambrie
 Corey and Isabelle- this baby is the most laid back and mellow child I have ever seen!  She is amazing!
 Gavin!  The girls love when Gavin comes to play!

 When all the other kids had vacated the area, this boy climbed up and helped himself to the sprinkles.  He had a good night!
I can't wait until next month to do this again!

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