Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dana's Sweet 16- Something I am Still in Denial About. . .

 Dana turned 16.  Well, kind of.  I may have blown out her candles for her, so I don't think it counts.  Right?  Someone back me up here, because my  baby sister can't possibly be driving and dating yet!
 Heather made her some awesome magnets with inside jokes.  We got her a wall decal and some fun jewelery.
 Caulene got her a Ken Doll- proof that I am not the only big sister not quite ready to let Dana grow up yet!

 Mom and Dad got her an easel and another canvas so that she can start using the paint set she got last year.
 I look pregnant.  I hate my overall chub when I am prego. Worth it, though.  It's hard cooking cute babies!
 Kassidy and Dana.  I love these girls. 
Happy Birthday, Dana. 

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