Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sara's 4th Birthday

This is super late because I was a slacker of a mother and did not take any pictures of my own for any of her birthday celebrations and had to get others to send their pictures to me.  Thank you to everyone who helped with that!

Every time I asked Sara what she wanted for her birthday dinner she asked to go to Applebees, which is her favorite restaurant because she gets unlimited drinks from the kids menu.  See that apple juice box- it was one of 5 she downed before leaving. 
 My family met us there, and we had a fun time together.
 Caulene needed Emma's help with the crossword on the kid's menu.  Thank goodness for nieces, right? ;)

 Tickle war!
 After dinner, we headed to my parents' house for cake and presents and a movie.  She got lots of fun coloring books.
 This Tinkerbell Music Box has already been featured in a pre-school show and tell.
 This was the piece de resistance!  Her blue sparkly shoes.  When I was asking Sara what she wanted for her birthday, the final thing on her list was, "Blue Sparkly Shoes!!  I think I will have to ask Heather for those."  I have no idea why she thought Heather was the go-to aunt for such an accessory, but I passed on the message, and after much toil and trouble, Heather found these.  When Sara opened them she said, almost breathless with delight, "Oh!  These are what I ALWAYS wanted!"  The whole party was then put on hold while she changed into them.  She is rarely seen without them now.  Good work, Heather!
 The aunts made these fun crayons for the kids.

 Sara and Heather
 Cup cake time. 
 New Tinkerbell sheets.  This was a big hit!
 ABC books and coloring books from Grandma.

 Caulene got Sara a big box of headbands with lots of fun things to glue on them.  It came with a craft glue that hasn't worked well yet, so for craft time soon, we will break out the hot glue gun and do it right!
 Sara's actual birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday, and since she didn't have any particular meal she wanted, we just invited Ross's Utah based siblings over and had Super Bowlish snacky foods.  It was fun, and it gave us a chance to use our newly finished basement! :)
 Emma got Sara this piggy bank for her birthday.  She picked it out after Christmas.  Emma got a piggy bank from her eye surgery clinical trial group, and Sara has been wanting one ever since.  When Emma saw this sparkly purple piggy bank, she knew it had to be Sara's.  I loved how thoughtful she was.
 Jack and Little Buddy got her some flower clips for her hair.  (Notice she is wearing a headband and the blue shoes from the night before!)

 Gena and her family brought Sara some bubbles and some birthday stickers.  She loves them!
 Melissa and Co. got her some fun Valentine's jewelery.
 It was a fun day of cousins playing and chatting with family.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make her day so special.  She is so loved, and we are so grateful!

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