Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Eat an Orange When Mom is Busy Cleaning and Can't be Bothered to Peel One For You, by: Jack

 1. Take all the cloth napkins and table cloths out of the drawer and spread them ALL over the kitchen.
2. While someone is attending to that, climb on the counter and grab an orange from the fruit basket.
3. Eat it like an apple.  Trust me, it works great!
4. Be as cute as humanly possible so Mom doesn't have a snowball's chance in this crazy warm Utah winter to get mad.
*Added bonus if step 4: Mom will probably be too distracted to change you out of your orange juice soaked shirt, and you will get to wear it all day until Daddy comes home and asks why it is all stiff and why you smell like a bottle of Tropicana.*

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