Monday, March 05, 2012


I am not a TV person.  We don't even have reception except for 4 channels with out little bunny ears, and we rarely use that.  Until So You Think You Can Dance season!  It is the ONLY show I get really excited about.  I love that there is always at least one Utahn in the top 20, and it thrills me when they get far. 

This is Tadd from Salt Lake, and he made it to the finale.  He is awesome!  He is awesome and I totally met him!  Just one more reason for me to love Zupas, I suppose. :)  I assume he was down this way for the SYTYCD auditions that were taking place in SLC a few days later.  I can't wait for the next season!

For those of you not as ridiculously obsessive about SYTYCD (you're totally missing out, by the way...)  here are some of my favorite Tadd moments from last season.

An Awesome Solo
A Pretty Waltz
A Creepyish Contemporary
and my favorite, a Jazz Number to Queen


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Southern Spud said...


So, I'm totally with you on being a no TVer who's totally in love with SYTYCD. Dancing runs in our family, and I must agree that Utah has some awesome dancers as my cousin is one of them. ;) He was lucky enough to go professional.

Thanks for posting these! That walze was more than pretty, it was AMAZING!!!! My favs are the beautiful, the inspiring, the ones that just hit you right in the heart. I wish I could remember who the dancers were, but when Lil'S was a baby, there was a choreographer who did one for his mom. The dancing was just as great as you'd seen for that walze, but it had the even deeper effect because it was such a personal, loving performance.

I'm planning on getting back into dance as soon as I'm done having kids. I love dance, but I can't learn a dance worth beans--okay, so without 5x as many reviews as your typical dancer--with my ADD. My brain just cuts out mid-movement and is like, uh, what am I supposed to be doing? What's going on? Once I've reviewed it enough times that it's in my muscle memory, I'm good to go. Getting there is such a battle. When I'm done with pregnancies and nurslings (much as I LOVE them!) I can take meds and go on to do everything else I've wanted to do but have been kept back from doing.

Ha, do you think a forty-year-old can make it onto SYTYCD? LOL! Seriously, just kidding!

Duke University hosts the American Dance Festival every summer. Much as there are some crazy things out there, as I'm sure you've seen on SYTYCD, it's awesome.

Speaking of some crazy things out there, I can't wait for the day people realize a woman can dance amazingly and still (GASP!) wear clothing that actually covers her body. What a concept.