Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wallace Orchard Easter Egg Hunt- 2012 Edition

 My grandma held a hunt in the orchard again this year, which was so very nice of her since my kids were the only ones there to participate.  They loved it. 
 This is the first year Jack has been in to things like this- and I love that his cheeks were puffed with candy the whole time.  Funny little multi-tasker!

 At first Sara thought it was necessary for me to take a picture of her with each new egg.  When she saw that Emma was smokin' her because of these delays, she snapped out of that.

 I love his face in this one.

 Grandma found some too. :)
After this we had a quick lunch, ran some errands, and headed home to play with our puppy for a bit before leaving for the next big hunt of the day.


Dawn said...

Actually, I was helping out the Easter Bunny by hiding some. Dad caught me in the act. It was a fun afternoon.

Southern Spud said...


I am way behind on your blog, Amanda. I need to play catch up--as does H with that email she owes Emma. ;)