Monday, April 16, 2012

Conference Weekend

 Conference weekend was lovely.  Saturday Morning started early as I had to do a glucose test before the morning session started.  When I was done with that, my mom had a nice bacon and eggs breakfast ready for me knowing that I would want some good protein in my system after having nothing but that blasted orange sugar goo drink in my tummy.  It was wonderful, and I was so grateful!  My mom rocks!

  My girls stayed entertained with some coloring sheets I printed off, and Emma even had her own little Conference Journal where she colored in the tie pattern of all the Apostles and wrote a sentence about what they spoke about.
 Their aunts also kept them entertained with nail polish, toys, tickles, candy, and other such fun things.
We ran some errands in between sessions on Saturday and watched the afternoon session at home.  Sunday morning we spent at home, and then headed down to my mom's to visit with my grandparents in between sessions.  We watched the afternoon session at my mom's house, and then chatted for a while afterwards.

I always love conference.  This time was no different.  I had some very specific and personal questions on my mind when I went, and they were all addressed very clearly.  Basically, I need to stop expecting so much of myself on the secular front.  I am getting too caught up in guilt about not having a clean enough house, healthy enough meals, and big enough contributions to our bank account.  However, I need to start expecting much more of myself on the spiritual front.  I need to visit the temple more frequently, hold FHEs on a more regular basis (we always have a family night, but it isn't always structured- I need to PLAN them), and pour my efforts into my callings and service.  This shift should make me much happier and closer to the Lord.

I also want to integrate the Conference messages more fully into my life.  I hope to read or listen to at least one talk every day.  These words are current revelation meant for us right now, so I really should take better advantage of that, especially since so many of the addresses were so pertinent to my current struggles and needs.

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