Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Baby Bunny Sleepover

 My friend in Logan had some neighbors move who decided to let their pet bunnies roam free when they left.  Not the best idea for tame rabbits, ya'll.  Anyway, they took shelter under my friend's shed and proceeded to do what rabbits do best- which is ransack her garden and make babies.  After the papa bunny met his end by getting run over, Michelle decided to do the humane thing, and she rounded up all 9 of the baby bunnies and began looking for good DOMESTIC homes for the herd of DOMESTIC bunnies she had inherited.

She found homes for 3 of them in her area, but was unsure about what to do with the rest.  On a whim, knowing she was coming down this way for a weekend, I asked the people in my area if anyone wanted a new Easterish pet.  One lady who has a nice little farm out here wanted as many as she could get, and another of my friends wanted one for the mascot for her new pre-school.  The new pre-school mascot needed a place to crash before going to her new home, so we got to have a bunny sleepover! :) 

It was fun to hang out with the sweet thing for a little bit.  I am so glad we were able to help find all the little guys good and loving homes.

 She liked hanging out on my shoulder while I read.  So cute!

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