Sunday, April 05, 2009

Picnic in the Park

Before Utah went all Bi-polar with its spring weather, we took advantage of the sun and had a subway picnic in the park. The only thing Sara wanted were the chips. I told Ross that morning that I was really wanting Dr. Pepper due to a terrible headache, but that I was determined to keep my goal. Just a few hours later, when I was getting some chips at the grocery store for the picnic, he bought this from the quarter machine. He drank it right in front of me and madde all sorts of sounds indicating his enjoyment. Rude.
He shared with Emma too, and they mocked me and my lack of caffeine.
Don't worry- I carefully planned my revenge. . .
I thought this sign was funny, but can't remember why. Something about shirtless spooning being my favorite. . . but funnier.
Seriously- she likes the pringles.


Anonymous said...

good for you for not succumbing to the caffeine in the face of such adversity. i admire you. :) tomorrow we're having chili because i thought it would still be cold but turns out the weather is looking great for something more summery. Whatev.

Carrie said...

Utah spring weather going bipolar is cracking me up!