Sunday, April 05, 2009

Five Guys Burger and Fries

We heard rave reviews about this place and decided to try it out one day. It was fun, packed, fast, and good. Everything was made to order, and the service was really fast and very friendly. I am picky when it comes to a good burger, and while this place was a little more than I like to spend for a burger, it was worth it. We will definitely be back once in a while.

Emma is sharing some kind of secret with Sara. Whatever it was, it was terribly serious, and Emma refused to tell me what she was saying. "I am not saying it for you, Mom- just for Sara Bear!" Ross liked it- but I don't think he has ever met a burger he didn't like. Also- I love that shirt on him. He wears it when he wants me to kiss him. :)
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Rexburg? I do. I don't know why- the weather is terrible, the food is expensive, the rent is high, and some of the worst moments of my life happened there- but Rexburg will always hold a special place in my heart. I would love to move there and teach at the college later in my life.
They serve fries in cups. I am not sure why I loved that so much.


Caulene said...

I went there on Friday and I totally agree!! It was so good!! Alittle pricey but so worth it! And the fries they were never ending!! I was sharing them with my date and we still could not finish them!!

Anonymous said...

i love burgers and fries so much and i am pretty much the pickiest ever when it comes to such junk food of greasy love. i will have to try it out. i feel exactly the same way about logan as you do about rexburg. some of the worst experiences and memories possible but i still think, "ohhh, logan." whenever i hear it mentioned. sigh.

Mark and Ashley Welling said...

This is my favorite burger place. The first one they opened was up my old place in Midvale. We started going there and were so happy they opened one in Orem.

Mark and Ashley Welling said...

Oh...You also have to try the Cajun fries if you haven't. They are so much better than the regular flavor!

James and Monica said...

So you were so close to our house and didn't even drop by!!