Wednesday, April 15, 2009


After church was over and the Easter roast was devoured, Ross and I snuggled up together to enjoy a Sunday afternoon Easter nap. It was nice. About half an hour later, Ross nudged me and said he wanted to take a trip. I was still pretty groggy and asked what he meant.

"I want to get away- take a trip. Let's go to Vegas or something!"
"Or something? Where do you want to go?"
"I don't know- let's just go!"

So we did. 20 minutes later we were packed and driving away from our house. On the way to the freeway we decided Vegas was too far and would be hard to enjoy with both the girls- so we settled on Park City. We have been trying for about 6 weeks now to find someone who could watch the girls overnight for us so we could use a coupon for a hotel there. Nobody was able to- so we decided to just take them along with us. It was a lot of fun!

We got there in time to enjoy the last couple hours of open pool time. Emma surprised us both by being really afraid of the water. She ususally LOVES the pools and we have a hard time getting her out of it- but for some reason, she was terrified this time. She enjoyed the luke-warm tub though, so I happily hung out with her in there.

Later that evening, we went to one of the only restaurants open at the time- Ruby Tuesday. That was a bad idea. They forgot our order so we were there for an hour before they even brought us our meal. Then it was gross and kind of cold. I think they were punishing us for making them work on Easter. . . it was bad. Ross did his thing and got the meal comped due to the bad service and the really bad food. (Before all you ex-waitresses throw a tantrum, let me say that we did leave a tip for the waitress who was pretty mediocre at refilling our drinks.)

I did like the center piece on the table though. :) That dark brown splotch on her pants is not what you think it is, unless of course you are thinking that she tried to take a sip of my water and spilled it all over her.
I love Ross and his randomawesity!
Dancin' Queen!
After we left there, we got some food from Taco Bell and some ice cream from Smith's. We then went back to the hotel to enjoy our feast and watch some episodes of NCIS and catch up on the left wing version of the news.
The next day we perused the outlets. Ross got a hat, I got some shirts, and the girls got some zzz's.
After splitting some Cafe Rio enchiladas and guacamole, we headed home and snuggled the night away in front of the computer. I know that sounds lame- but I am down and out with another cyst, so it was quite heavenly to just veg-out with my awesome husband.
It was a really fun weekend, and we have been quite reluctant to actually get back to work- especially since the rest of the world is on Spring Break right now.


Heidi Ferguson said...

What a fun spontaneous trip! Aaron and I are always joking when we get on the freeway and see the 'Las Vegas' I-15 sign that we should just go there right then. However, a spontaneous Las Vegas trip would cost a fortune, so Park City was probably a better option.

And speaking as an ex-waitress, I still am pretty critical of the service I get at each restaurant. If the restaurant wants to completely over charge me for really fattening food, they had better WORK to earn it.

Anonymous said...

I love Ross's randomawecity (is that how you spelled it?) too! You guys are so fun! I also love Park City. I also love the picture of your girls in the strollers asleep. I also love you. And that is all. :)