Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt 2009

On Saturday, we all met at my Grandma Wallace's house for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. unfortunately, it was too rainy and muddy to do it in the orchard like we usually do. we settled for hiding eggs for the little kids inside, and on the lawn for the older kids. It was plenty fun, and I especially enjoyed the tacos!

Unfortunately, my camera died. Lame, I know. These are the only pictures I got. Sorry. Sara likes to see the pictures I take from her on the screen after I am done. Sometimes she doesn't even want to wait for me to snap the shot. How pretty are her eyes? Those are Goodman genes there!
I am not sure what is happening here- but I love it!
She did this after every single egg she found.
It really was very thrilling for her.
Sara started out strong. . .
Emma had Dana help her with the tough ones.
. . . but once both her hands were full, she was satisfied.
She got way too much candy, and had a blast. I seriously wish I had been able to take more pictures, because her expressions were amazingly cute! So much excitement over taffy in plastic- sometimes I wish I were 3 again. . . Also, I love my Aunt Wendy's shoes in the background!
Afterwards, my mom graciously watched the girls for an hour while the Easter Bunny did some procrastinated shopping (and maybe some making out). Thanks, mom! We love you and your new car!


Penny said...

Wow - Dana is getting so big - that's crazy. I love Emma's pigtails. Don't you love it when they curl like that? Looks like you had a fun Easter.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, seriously beautiful eyes. The end.

Dawn said...

Yeah, she is a sweet ride isn't she. Glad to help out the Easter Bunny.