Sunday, March 29, 2009

25 Interesting Facts About Me

1. I never take the first bite of any of the meals I make. I always wait for Ross to try it so that I know if it is gross or not.

2. I don'treally like chocolate, I despise milk, but I could never in my life get enough of chocolate milk.

3. This kind of goes with number 2, but my very fovorite cookies are chocolate chip cookie dough made without those blasted chocolate chips. They just get in the way of the buttery, sugary, cookie goodness.

4. I brush my teeth approximately 8 times a day, and almost always have gum and chapstick on hand. It's not at all about the hygiene for me- it is ALL about the breath. I have serious paranoia about halitosis.

5. My stupid human tricks include touching my nose with my tongue, batting my eye-lashes, and doing the splits.

6. Ross and I sometimes read each other's minds. It gets creepy sometimes. Just yesterday I was thinking that it would be fun to go to Park City with him again without the girls and I was planning in my head a way to surprise him when he turned to me and said, "So we just got a coupon for a reduced rate on a hotel in Park City, and I was thinking we should do our April overnight there." Earlier this week I picked up a movie from the RedBox while I was shopping with the girls. When Ross came home he said that he wish he had remembered to grab a movie he was thinking about from the RedBox. When I showed him the movie I had grabbed he just started laughing. It was the same one- and we had never even mentioned it to each other. Those are just two random examples, and it goes both ways. He is known for bringing home dinner on nights when I am dreading having to cook, and I am famous for having full meals of his desiring prepared- all without any verbal communication. We may be polar opposites- but something here clicks.

7. I had my first baby prematurely with an emergency C-Section without my husband in attendance. Good times! Ross met Emma for the first time when she was 6 weeks old.

8. I used to hate blood and got dizzy at the sight of it. At some point, something changed, and now I really want to become a certified Phlebotimist when my children are all in school.

9. I like my room to be freezing cold when I sleep. This is perfect in the winter, but presents a pretty huge problem in the summer. I melt in the heat.

10. I hope to be a published writer someday. I have a few different manuscripts in the works. Nobody wants them yet- but I think someday somebody just might! Look for my name in print, and then buy whatever it is! :)

11. I get annoyed with happy endings. I am serious. Chick flicks bug me, and any story line that is able to tie up all the loose ends into a complete package and land everyone just where they deserve at the end is far too contrived and predictable for me! I like books with ragged edges, daring plot twists, and truly damaged characters. If I put down a book and feel uncomfortable, conflicted, angry, or concerned, then I feel that the author has done a good job. I like the books I read to take me on a real emotional journey- one that I can relate to. I guess there is something wrong with me, because, for the most part, the happy ending stories tend to bore me.

12. I hate my curly hair. Anyone with naturally curly hair has at one point claimed to hate their curls, and probably still do. People who say, "You are so lucky- I would DIE for curly hair!!" have clearly never had to deal with naturally curly hair. Nobody in their right mind would trade hair that can be combed through just out of the shower as their only real preparation for something that takes washing, products, tweaking, and praying all to look semi-presentable EVERY day!!

13. I have a favorite child. I feel bad about this. To be fair, it changes between the two of them quite often- but there is very rarely a day that goes by that I don't think to myself, "I really love this girl much more than the other one right now!" I felt like a horrible mother the first time I felt that way- but then a few other mothers have come out of the closet saying they do the same thing.

14. I am the reject of my family. For reals- I am a very different creature than anyone else in my family, and I have had some major identity crises over this. I look different, think different (this is the biggest one), act differently, dress differently, play differently, work differently, laugh at different things, desire different things, work for different things, and live a different life. I wondered a lot growing up if I was adopted. For the most part, this doesn't really bother me anymore- but sometimes it can create a wedge between us, and that hurts a little bit.

15. I get headaches a lot.

16. Nothing I have voted for in the past 4 years has passed, except for the election Jason Chaffetz who was pretty much not in a race against anyone except the corrupt incumbant. I didn't even get to vote for Romney in the primarys because I was busy giving birth and stuff. None of the people I voted for City Council got elected, John McCaine certainly isn't our president, and stupid Utah and their stupid voters turned down the private school voucher legislation (really, people- read the stuff before believing a silly sign!). I am wondering how valuable my part in democracy is. . .

17. My husband has epilepsy, and I have to say that watching someone you love have a spontaneous Grand Mall seizure is one of the worst feelings ever!

18. I put salt on almost everything. A lot of it, too. I like my sodium!

19. I have a dent in my left shin. It is weird. I discovered it when putting lotion on at a friends house one night. There is just a section of my leg that has no muscle, but goes directly to the bone.

20. I had 3 miscarriages before I got pregnant with Sara. It is for this reason that I will most likely never announce a pregnancy of mine until I am well past the 12th week, and even then I will keep it between close friends and family members until I show too much to deny it any longer. When I was pregnant with Sara, the ward didn't know until the RS president asked me point blank in the hall one day, and then announced it during the happy moment in Relief Society. It was awkward, and I was not happy about it.

21. I am OCD. I like things done a certain way, and get bugged when people deviate from my own course. I hate when Ross 'helps' with the laundry, because he messes with my system. I have systems for cleaning, reading, working, playing with Emma, driving, praying, and many many other things. I love to alphabetize things, and have the uncontrollable urge to clean and organize dirty and cluttered spaces. I mean it when I say uncontrollable- ask my mom! :)

22. I will never have a dog of mine sleep in my house unless there is no other possible way for it to survive outdoors. I hate animal fur.

23. I plan eulogies in my mind. This is weird- I know. It started when the son of one of my heroes passed away when I was a senior in high school. At his funeral, his older brother spoke and admitted that he had been planning that talk for a few months- knowing he might need to use it. This broke my heart, and I ached for this family and the loss they had seen coming and had tried to ward off with all their might. I thought about it though, especially since the depth of love that this young man felt for his brother was so apparent in his simple but deep words. Since then, I have tried to think of the attributes and experiences I would talk about with people I love if I were ever to be asked to speak at a function like that. I don't do it in a creepy or apocolyptic way- just in a quiet revery of what I love most about the people around me, and what my favorite memories with those people are. I imagine what life would be like without them, and thank Heavenly Father for their influence on me. Don't think I'm creepy- maybe I should change this one. . . Just know that if I am at all close to you- I have probably planned a speech in my mind about you and how great you are and how much I love you! I am not creepy- please don't get weirded out by this one.

24. I have really good hearing. I can hear the buzz of TV sets and made Ross return a TV once that had a buzz so loud it hurt my head if it was on for more than a few minutes. He never noticed it. I can also hear the ticking of analog clocks, the barking of dogs across town, cars that drive by, airplanes that fly over-head, and whispered conversations (especially ones about me!). I have a sneaky suspicion that this is closely related to my headaches.

25. About an hour after I got engaged, I had to break up with my boyfriend. :)


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I think we might be the same person sometimes, my friend. I won't be creeped out if you won't be creeped out knowing I have thought about your eulogy too. Also, whenever I see pictures of kids I think about the type of person they'll marry and if those pictures will someday end up on their wedding video. I look forward to reading your bestseller. End long comment.

Carrie said...

I think the creepy thing is cool, it probably makes you appreciate them more in the here and now. Maybe you have friend Marsha is convinced she has it! I think you will publish a book someday for sure!

Michelle said...

Okay, seriously I love your guts!! I love coming and reading your blog! You're amazing, an awesome mom and fantastic friend to have. Thought i would let you know that.

PS. why the heck does that thing say I'm from New Mexico?