Saturday, March 28, 2009

Books for February

Books for my Job

Macbeth by Shakespeare
I love this play. It is so creepy and vindictive, and yet there are so many colorful examples of comic relief. Nothing is more unsettling- and therefore enjoyable- to me than a good tragedy, Shakespeare style.

Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare
I love this play too. I love everything about it, from the title, to the crazy love antics, to Don John's evil nature. I have a special place in my heart for Dogberry's ridiculous nature. Also, how cute is Benadick? He shaved for Beatrice and tried to write her a poem- what a great catch!

Our Town: A Play in Three Acts by Thornton Wilder
This was my first time reading this play. It was lovely. I would love to see this on stage. The simplicity of the plot, and the depth of the characters was totally enticing. I really, thoroughly enjoyed it! Poor George- I cried so much when he threw himself down on Emily's grave. Genius play!

Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser
I was a little dissappointed in this book, I have to say. I was expecting to love it, and it was good- just not knock my socks off brilliant. It may be because I had spent the rest of the month flirting with Shakespeare and Wilder, but I found this plot a little contrived- especially their trip to New York, and the characters were lackluster. My favorite scenes were when Carrie was with her sister, but she left there after the first few chapters- lame. to be honest, I could see this plot being a great setting for a porn flick. I can just hear a deep and overly sexual voice setting the scene: " A young talented actress comes to the city looking to make it big. She is willing to do just about anything to avoid heading back to Wisconsin, and there are plenty of affluent married men who are willing to help her. . . for a price." *Cue synthesized sleasy music and dimming of the lights*

Books I Read Without Getting Paid to. . .

Two Times the Fun by Beverly Cleary
This was a short little novel about twins with pictures that Emma and I enjoyed together. We got it from Dana's last book order. I love the dollar portion of those book orders! I am sorry, but I will never stop loving Beverly Cleary!

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech
Emma has always enjoyed listening to poetry. I used to read poetry to her when she was a baby, and it always seemed to soothe her. This was a fun little book about a young boy learning about poetry in his english class at school. It was cute, and I would suggest it to any teacher trying to teach poetry to young children.

Loser by Jerry Spinelli
I know- another children's book. I needed something light after the books I read for my writing job. I loved this book. I really enjoy Spinelli's work. He captures the thought process of unique children so well. The message in this book was sweet, clear, and sometimes a little uncomfortable- like the part in the snow storm- a little intense! I was cheering for the protagonist, and wanted to smack some of the teachers. It was very endearing! A great in-class read (seriously Mom, it is perfect for 4th graders- give it a read and consider it).

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Carrie said...

Hmm..I love the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar and have been going to it since I was a kid. Much Ado is one of my favorites and I saw Macbeth a couple years ago and it was AWESOME!