Friday, September 21, 2012

The Dinosaur Museum

 We were driving down the free-way past Thanksgiving Point one day and Emma said very dramatically, "Mom-- are we EVER going to see the dinosaurs in that building over there?!"  She had asked a few times and we had always said we would do it some other time.  Imagine her surprise when I said, "Yup, we are going there tomorrow!"  At the time we hadn't planned on anything for the following day, but the shouts and huzzahs from the back seats told us we had stumbled on a good idea.
 It was fun.  We liked it.  I love how they have really tailored it to get kids involved and interested.
 That being said, its not something we are ready to get a year pass for yet.  Maybe when they are older.

 Sara had a lot of fun with this water table, but she was just a little too short to really get into it.

 Of course, this was Jack's favorite part.  Shovels and dirt.  Boy Heaven!
 And this guy-- goodness, he is such a good baby!
 There are real fossils being worked on at this location, and it was very cool to see the actual process.

 We wouldn't buy them anything at the gift shop, but that didn't stop them from playing with everything there.  I swear I was forced into joining them in the roary fun.
 OK, this is probably my favorite moment of the day, and we wouldn't have even had to pay for this, but whatever.  There is a cage with a monitor lizard in the lobby, and we just happened to be there at one of the 2 feeding times of the week.  A guy came out, put a white rat in the cage, and the lizard devoured it.  The kids, however, did not know exactly what was happening.  Sara said, "Mom, look at the mouse he is so cu.... what!  Oh my gosh!  MOM!  That thing just ATE the rat!"  Emma laughed when the rat was mostly swallowed because the tail was sticking out, and Jack just clapped his hands and jumped up and down.  It was an interesting life lesson that they weren't expecting.

 Playing hide and seek with Daddy in the cave.

 Ross thought there was a resemblance between that dinosaur and my Luke-Man.
 Seriously, guys, they forced me into it.  I found no pleasure at all in the tactical planning of a dinosaur army attack...
 He's a ferocious dinosaur, can't you tell?  I'm scared!
Kids are fun! 

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